Winter Meetings


2015 Winter Meeting

    1-Allow NC players to be drafted up to 5 years Failed
    2-Add interleague play. Each team would play one, three-game series against each opponent from the other league each season. Home team's DH rule would be in affect.
    3-Eliminate rules 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 which would eliminate the rules committee's power to decide what rule changes are allowed and eliminate the commissioner's veto power. Let all league members vote on all rule proposals. Failed
    4-Franchise player- At the end of each season, each team would be able to designate one player whose contract is set to expire as their "franchise player". This player could have his contract renewed at his current salary for one more season.
    5-Due away with NC players in NOSL Failed



2014 Winter Meeting


    1-Address how to deal with teams that have gone over the salary cap when passed the trade deadline and has no cash Case by case
     2-Change the SR for players to 100 for all Pass
     3-Reduce the number of NC players allowed on a team Failed
     4-Extend the salary cap by 25 mil starting in 2016 Failed
     5-Able to sign one player a year for double salary but choose up to three years instead of just one Tabled


2013 Winter Meeting


   1-Bonus Round for weaker teams, not sure where we would want their record to be to be considered weaker. I would like to see a draft pick given to those teams between round 2 and 3 of each year draft Tabled
    2-Combine division in each league to one, or try and find away to have a schedule where there are more games played against teams in your division if 2 divisions are to be kept. Failed



2012 Winter Meeting


     1-Change the amount a player must be guaranteed when sent into the auction as a match able from 75% to 125% of their current salary. Rule change will be no more matchable players for the 2015 season in NOSL

    2-Change the trade dead line from what it is now where they must be done before Week-34 default file goes out to, week-33 results file Rule changes has been approved by the rules committee 

    3-Steal attempt limit during the playoffs: Players will be limited to 20% of their real life steal attempts during the playoffs. If a team goes over the limit, they will lose their latest draft pick. Each subsequent violation will results in the loss of the next highest draft pick Rule change will be as follow Playoff steal rates will be set to 20% of attempts for the player during his season. Penalty for going over this will be your 8th round pick from the draft following the draft that will be held this year.

    4-BBW 5.75 will be required for NOSL Rule change all owners must have BBW 5.75
    5-Player that gets a one day contract in MLB, should NOSL owners have to pay his salary for that year. Rule change will add a provision in it so you don't have to pay a player on a one day contract so he retire from his old team.